Who are we?

With its 40 years experience in shoe production, shoepink.com was established in 2014. Daily production capacity of shoepink can reach thousands of pairs of shoes.

Except from its sales on its own online and offline platforms, “shoe pink” sells wholesale goods to its several customers who are domestic or foreigner. İste bu ayakkabı can make special productions for various brands and it puts the productions on the online web marketing in Turkey andmany other countries.

The address of chic and smart shopping

Design and model team of shoepink.com follows fashion and trends closely and with its knowledge and experience, shoepink comes into prominence in every season with its chic models.

These special productions reach the customers directly from production center. With its minimum costs and proper prices,shopping on istebuayakkabi means “ guarantee of best price” .

Thats the reason behind the motto and logo of shoepink, “Chic and Smart”.

Number One in online shopping

Shoepink has became the most visited woman shoe website in a short span of time with its experience on shoe production and technological knowledge of istebuayakkabi partners.

The success of shoepink has been published on its own wall as a success story by Facebook.

Having its own IT, software and digital marketing team, shoepink uses online marketing software which belongs to itself.

Shoepink gives support to the financiers and partners which it cooperates.

Retailing process

With its growing fast and success, retailing process of shoepink has started to be close to the customers and also to offer our customers to buy our shoes by touch. Shoepink stores have got positive reactions about its store concept and design

Shoepink has opened 5 stores, most of them are franchise, in a short period of time and these stores are located on Turkey’s most important streets and shopping centers

Retailing process at home and abroad will continue rapidly and selectively because of the intense franchise demands.

Face of our brand Emina Jahovic Sandal

Emina Jahovic Sandal(eminanetwork.com), one of the most popular and chic pop singer of Turkey and especially the Balkans, has been the face of our brand.

Our Spring-Summer season photo shooting was carried out by the most important celebrity photographer of the world, Cem Talu (cemtalu) with Emina Sandal.